Who we are

Mission Statement

Cypress Trio’s mission is to connect families to industry professionals and ALL licensed long term care facilities and services in a transparent way; taking into account the latest up-and-coming technology and providing meaningful information to aid in the living transitions of aging seniors.

Statement of Purpose

The heart of Cypress Trio is the belief that seniors and their families deserve to make their choices for long-term care from all licensed available options. Using the Cypress Trio website to find the right kind of care is simple and straightforward. By helping you to make an informed decision, we have a sincere desire for seniors to live a dignified life and for families to have peace of mind.

Short video that explain what we do:  https://youtu.be/CgqFcfzdw1c

What's with the Name?

IN OLD ITALIAN TRADITION, a landowner plants one

cypress tree by his gate to greet travelers and welcome

them for a drink.



  TWO CYPRESS TREES means that visitors are

welcome for a drink and something to eat. 






 THREE CYPRESS TREES means that a traveler is welcome

to full accommodations: a drink, something to eat, and a

bed for a good night’s rest! 




In this story, we see seniors and their families seeking care as the travelers and the providers, vendors and industry professionals who are there to help them as our three cypress trees.  Cypress Trio is here to provide peace of mind.

Why we do what we do:

My journey to start helping families navigate the confusing waters of long term care began a few years after my mother passed away from Alzheimer’s disease.  My family was blessed with encountering knowledgeable people along the way that helped us find the resources needed for her care.

As I started working with families, I realized how overwhelming this process can be for some people.  Not everyone has a “cookie cutter” situation and the vast options and needs are difficult to determine.  I also noticed the lack of transparency that is available to find the right kind of care for your loved one.

Cypress Trio seeks to connect families to senior living communities and services in the housing transition of an aging loved one.  Cypress Trio’s purpose is to serve families at a time when confronted with difficult choices and make it available in a current fashion and in a transparent way that is both easy to use and helpful to complete the process. We never ask you to register with us to provide the information.  Reach out to providers when you are ready.

Additionally, we help the senior living communities and services present their unique specialties to the families in need in a way that appeals to the fast paced lifestyles of their potential customers.

We strive to be the industry leading resource.  Are you a Case Manager that needs continuing education?  Facilities in your community can upload what they offer.  We want to connect you to your local resources to better serve the seniors in your community. And no one else offers our easy to use Insurance Matching feature for finding short term care.

We fully utilize technology to deliver the most comprehensive list of communities and services in the senior care industry.  Our technology is unmatched in distribution of this information.  Fully comprehensive and complete to provide all that families and industry professionals need to make this transition as uncomplicated as possible.

My promise to you is we will always strive to make the options visible to families so you can find the absolute best care for your loved one and your unique situation.


Amanda Bailey,