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Skilled Nursing Facilities

What is a Skilled Nursing Facility?

Other than acute care or rehabilitation, a nursing home is normally the highest level of care for older adults outside of a hospital. Senior living facilities provide what is called custodial care, assistance with activities of daily living, ADLs. However, nursing homes differ from other senior living facilities in that they also provide a high level of medical care. For instance, senior living in Houston can mean all types of care from independent living to nursing homes.

In a Skilled Nursing Facility a licensed physician oversees each patient's care and a nurse or other medical professional is usually on the premises 24 hours a day. Other medical professionals, such as occupational or physical therapists, are also available. This allows the delivery of medical procedures and therapies on site that would not be possible in other housing.

The label "nursing home" has negative connotations for many people. Yet nursing homes provide an important component of senior housing options. It's important to separate nursing home myths from facts. Today, they are legally referred to as skilled nursing facilities, but you are likely to hear them referred to as many different names.

Frequently families believe that skilled nursing is their only option, and although a skilled nursing facility can provide quality long term care, they are designed to serve the resident that has a skilled nursing need. Meaning, the resident has a medical condition that requires the aid of a licensed professional, such as a nurse, on a 24 hour basis. For instance, I know some excellent skilled nursing facilities in Dallas that would make a great choices for either long or short term stays. Cypress Trio can help you find these nursing homes Dallas, nursing homes Houston or nursing homes anywhere in the US to help you find just the right kind of care for your loved one.

Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing facilities can accommodate those individuals that do not meet the requirements of an assisted living facility. An assisted living community is likely to offer 24 hour care as well, but may not have licensed nursing staff on duty in the community 24 hours a day, to accommodate a resident with medical complications. I know that the skilled nursing facility Houston , skilled nursing facility Dallas work well together with their assisted living counterparts to help the family with the transitions that make sense. Cypress Trio allows you to find these options in your community.

Funding for skilled nursing care can be covered for short periods of time by Medicare if the resident meets certain criteria and with an admission order from a physician. A family should always inquire how much the care will be in the skilled nursing facility if their "Medicare days" run out. Skilled nursing care may also provide long term funding through Medicaid. This will vary greatly by the community and state-to-state regulations.

Skilled nursing facilities state regulations will vary, however most all others are under the rules and regulations of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Myths About Nursing Homes

Too look up the rating provided by CMS for Skilled Nursing Facility, follow this link: https://www.medicare.gov/nursinghomecompare/search.html



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