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Long Term Acute Care Hospital

What Is Long Term Acute Care?

A long term acute care facility (LTAC) is a specialty-care hospital designed for patients with serious medical problems that require intense, special treatment for an extended period of time—usually 20 to 30 days. Long term acute care is designed for rehabilitation, not a long term living solution.

Long term acute care facilities offer more individualized and resource-intensive care than a skilled nursing facility. Patients are typically transferred to a long term acute care hospital Houston TX (for example) from a traditional hospital because they no longer require intensive diagnostic procedures offered by a traditional hospital facility.

If the patient cannot “keep up” with the intensive rehabilitation, the facility will often recommend that the patient be transferred to a more permanent long term living community such as a skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, or memory care. Patients having advanced memory issues, may struggle to keep up with this type of care. Under these circumstances, it may more appropriate to place the person in memory care and utilize a home health agency to work on the therapies needed. I know a rehabilitation Dallas community that has many of these services on one property to aid in the transitions needed by both the resident and their families.

Rehabilitation Centre

While a traditional hospital provides several general medical specialties, such as emergency care, maternity care, etc., a long term acute care hospital has the focused resources to apply very high standards to a relatively small list of ailments. For instance, utilizing our search tool, you can view acute care hospital Houston or rehabilitation Dallas or any other city in the US.

Additionally, most LTACs offer rehabilitation in the form of Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, etc. Although these therapies can be offered in numerous settings such has home health, assisted living, and skilled nursing; in a LTAC/Rehab they can be offered in a more focused, intensive way to meet the needs of the patient. Go here to see how these type of therapies can help your loved one.

Medicare is the primary funding mechanism for elderly patients of a LTAC/Rehab, much like it would be for a hospital stay. These hospitals are subject to state regulations as well as Medicare rules and regulations.
Differences in Therapies


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