Home Care or Care Home?

Home Care or Care Home?

Making the Right Care Choice for Your Loved One

It isn’t easy to make the leap and finally get help for an aging parent.   Emotions often run high during this process, because seniors are often hesitant to accept the reality that they are no longer able to live alone without some help with daily activities.

Many seniors wish to remain in their homes, and be surrounding by the things that are familiar to them.  This is often a great choice, and can be an economical first step.  Here are some points to consider when deciding between help in the home, and placement into a care facility.

Socialization.   Staying in your home can be a wonderful choice, if home is still a haven, and there are still social connections to keep the senior vibrant and connected to a sense of community.   Do the senior’s friends still live in the area, and can stop to visit?  Is the senior still able to ride in a vehicle without difficulty, and enjoy outings and special events?  Do the adult children live nearby, and can they stop in and check on things on a regular basis? If so, perhaps home care is a great choice.

Sometimes, however, home is not a good option.  Depression and isolation are real issues for seniors that choose to remain in their homes, even if a caregiver is present.  Often the neighbors they knew have moved or passed away, and their children do not live nearby and cannot easily stop to visit and oversee the care situation.   If this is the case, perhaps placement into an assisted living facility is a better solution.

Cost.  Many times, starting with in home care is an economical first choice.  If your loved one needs assistance several times a week, for transportation to an appointment or to the grocery store, or needs someone to come in for a few hours each day, to help with meal preparation or helping your loved on in and out of bed, then home care will be less expensive than placement into a facility.