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Alzheimer Care or Memory Care

What is Memory Care?

Memory care or Alzheimer care is a specific type of disease management in the long-term care setting. Alzheimer's care or memory care indicates there is some form of dementia that the resident is experiencing. Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. Memory loss is an example. Alzheimer's is the most common type of dementia. See some of the most common forms of dementia and their characteristics here.

Memory care, Alzheimer's care or dementia care can be found in stand-alone buildings or part of other type of communities such as skilled nursing care, assisted living, continuous care retirement communities. Alzheimer care or memory care offers 24-hour supervised care with meals, activities and health management for residents. Some units will be secure with locked doors or delay mechanisms on the doors to keep the residents from leaving the unit/building unaccompanied.

Alzheimer's care is one of the most mentally complex types of care. It requires a staff that is highly trained in Alzheimer care or memory care. You should ask the Alzheimer's care community about their training programs and how they find the right type of caregivers for Alzheimer's care.

Because there is a higher level of care offered at Alzheimer's care communities, the price tends to be higher than assisted living. Pricing can vary between flat rate fees versus a "menu" type pricing model where the resident pays for care based on level of care needed. We always suggest that you ask about current level of care pricing, plus what the future possibilities could look like for your loved one.

Follow this link to find the Seven Stages of Alzheimer's. It is a guide to assess where your loved one falls on the scale, but please always consult a medical professional if you suspect your loved one has memory impairment.
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