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Cypress Trio - Connections to Comprehensive Senior Care


Senior Living Communities or in Home Services can enhance their listing in our system to present their unique qualities and showcase their services. Many people refer to these as retirement homes, senior care, assisted living, Alzheimer's care, nursing homes, hospice, etc. Connect here if you would like to upgrade your listing today. Or login below if you are a returning property or service.

Industry Professionals

Are you seeking to connect to your senior living facility, senior care service or in home care in a way that will help the families you serve? Are you an industry professional that works directly with seniors or their caregivers to find these services? Establish your free account here to stay up to date on the opportunities in your area that will enhance senior's lives and connect with other professionals in your industry.


Do you have a unique product or service that will enrich the lives of seniors, their caregivers or the industry that serves them? Many of the users of our website are looking for long-term care options, retirement homes, assisted living, Alzheimer's or memory care, in home care, etc. Set up your account here and start connecting with to start reaching them today. Or login below if you are returning.


Senior Care Services

Many websites offer an easy access to long-term care providers, but they aren't transparent, they put providers of services and facilities in their database, but it's ONLY the ones that pay to be there. When we set out to build Cypress Trio, we wanted to offer something different. By putting all the options in the database for FREE, we offer a transparency that didn't exist before. And by making the fee very affordable a senior care facility or service can upgrade their listing to show off what they do, we leveled the playing field. The website is a great resource for finding care in your area. Simply put your zip code in the search and see what licensed care providers are available near you.

Senior Home Care

- cypresstrio helps to Make the Right Care Choice for Your Loved One. Cypress Trio has many resources to help families not only find long-term care facilities and services, but also to help educate you on the help that is available.